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About Mahan World Cargo

Iran has a unique position due to the extent and geographical location in Middle East and therefore despite the Superiority of Passenger section, we can consider Mahan Air Company not only as a Business Support but an opportdepartmenty maker in Business creation and economic development Area in terms of the importance of the cargo aviation industry and using the advanced technology and a Modern air fleet and experienced human resources.
The speed and price in the air cargo industry are considered as two key factors in competition to provide the services to the customers.

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The mission of Mahan Air cargo services

The mission statement of Mahan Air cargo services includes the management leadership and providing the cargo services in the indoor and outdoor areas of Air routes in order to Provide better, safe, easy and effective reception and the goods transportation through Aviation, complying with national and international Standards, norms, criteria and regulations so that these services fulfills the Internal and external stakeholders (Organizations, companies, Natural and legal persons).

In the meantime, creating needed grounds and Measures in order to maintain, enhance and extend the services in transportation area relying on organizational performance and in line with the effective role in the country sustainable development by strategic looking to the resistive economy in interacting with other related institutions and organizations are of this company’s strategies. What is useful in Mahan Air cargo services to playing its role is to take advantage of capable staff and oriented- knowledge and specialist group in the aviation field using the Support facilities based on the modern informational technology and IT as well as possessing the equipped fleet of Mahan Air.

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