This department based at Imam Khomeini Hazrat (RA) airport is ready to accept export shipments and send it to Mahan Air international flying points. The exportation group can be needed after passing the official and custom Procedures and formalities and obtaining needed licenses from the sender side about reception and sending the service provider exportation cargos. Dear clients can refer to this department to send and obtain information and contact this department by following communicating methods:


Address:; Mahan cargo sales services office- next to custom region 2- Imam Khomeini airport

Tel: 55678215 – 021

Fax: 55678216 – 021


Transit and custom affairs :

External cargos sales :


Experts in the sector are ready to announce the arrival of an airplane and do the activities about the imported cargos delivery in the Imam Khomeini airport and international flight pathways and carry out activities for the delivery of imported cargo at the of and services such as issuing the release receipt and receiving and delivering dear customers warehouse receipt regarding the imported cargos. Dear clients can refer to this department to send and obtain information and contact this department by following communicating methods:


Tel: 55677951 – 021

Email :

Sales And Domestic Cargo

This department based at the central office of Mahan Air cargo services is ready to provide services after sales as sales contracting, granting the representation and signing contracts with cargo services agencies, offering the discounted rates and other sales and commercial activities in domestic routes which the cargo agencies and the main customers can proceed to receive the facilities and the special collaboration terms with the Mahan cargo services department. Dear clients can refer to this department to send and obtain information and contact this department by following communicating methods:


Tel: 48386113 – 021 , 48386117 – 021

Fax: 44653486 – 021

Email :



Charter flight means hire plane exclusively from an airline company for a certain time which according to some organizations and agencies or companies order will be done to transport their staffs or cargos from one place to another.

Transit And Customs

Considering the strategic and transit position and the country’s special niche in north-south, west-east corridors, enormous opportunities and advantages of goods transit in the aviation industry. Mahan Air cargo services transit department has provided the goods transit possibility from all the external origins to internal destinations and Iran’s air and ground customs and even other external destinations of the countries.

Special Cargo

Mahan Air Cargo Services is trying to attract the customers satisfaction and meet their needs in its domestic and international pathways by providing new and effective services and solutions to the special goods transportation that Mahan Air Company is ready to aviation services using trained and experienced personnel in operating sections by having valid certificates and passing air transportation specialized international courses, dangerous goods, live animals, packing and other requirements in performing aviation in the Mehrabad and Imam Khomeini (RA) airports 24 hours per day and ultimately this group try to improve the services quality level and following the standards to attract the clients trust and satisfaction for these services more than before.


  • · Dangerous goods

    Dangerous goods will be accepted according to the provisions of the “IATA” and Mahan procedures.

    Dangerous goods declaration form must be completed and signed by the sender


    · Live animals

    Live animal shipments are acceptable under IATA organization terms and conditions in corresponding containers such as cage and … All documents required for export of live animals, including animal birth certificate, health certificate (vaccination card), recipe, the animal entry license to the destination country, origin certificate (issued by the veterinary) must be submitted to the offices of Mahan


    · Valuable goods

    Valuable goods should be delivered with appropriate packaging by Mahan shipments units.

    Regarding the shipment insurance, it is suggested to state a real value by the sender and at time of delivery, he/she acquires the necessary information.


    · Corpses

    Regarding corpses and human live limbs carrying, the sender must provide all documents, including death certificate.

    Mahan accepts both bodies either in the coffin or as ashes in all flight directions


    · Press

    All shipments such as newspaper, magazine, book and catalog etc. will be accepted by Mahan internal pathways.


    · cargo transportation Priority right in the special cases
    · Use of the charge collect Service and cooperation with partner companies
    · Special cargo discounts Offers in other purposes
    · Providinf services related to the sale of cargo charter
    · Transport of special goods such as perishable cargos