Cargo Service

Domestic cargo

The Cargo services of Mahan Air has the Cargo delivery Capability in the shortest possible time in domestic ways relying on its extensive air network and taking advantage of 552 flights per week from other flying points to other internal and external destinations and 86 flights from Mashhad (origin) to other internal and external destinations. This series can fulfill the Services Applicants needs and the Transport services in the domestic network in its domestic stations by possessing sales active representatives in the cities which all have the valid Licenses and certificates under the Civil Aviation Authority and is proposed as a symbol of superior quality and validity of the industry. In Mahan domestic flights, the maximum permissible load in Economy class flight is 20 kilograms and in the commercial class is 25 kilograms. Therefore travellers overload are sent to the domestic destinations through the waybill issuance. Also, non-travellers which have overload, but intend to send loads to the different destinations, they can proceed to send their cargos through cargo Mahan services.

In the cargo section of Mahan Terminal, shipment is monitored by reception staffs and after confirming its Portability with the airplane and the suitable packaging, the Statement form is filled by the customer by indicating the value of the good. In next step, shipment is checked by the Protective department and by final confirmation of this department, the waybill is issued and cargo-tag is attached to the shipment. The waybill is given to the customer after issuance in order to final investigation. The waybill issuance is a Signing a contract between the goods transmitter and the carrier company which makes responsibilities and commitments for the carrier company.

Dear clients can refer to this department to send and obtain information and contact this department by following communicating methods:

Address:cargo Mahan Air Terminal, 4-kilometer of special road toward Azadi square
Tel: 48386117-021 , 48386113-021
Fax: 44653486-021


External cargo

Mahan Air Cargo Services has established a safe and efficient route to send and receive the cargos from the external stations of country in major point of international business Including in China, UAE, Europe relying to its international transportation suitable network to major points of Middle east and Far East. In this regards, sales representatives and cargo services of this group in Countries under the international flight network are ready to accept and send all applicants and industry and commerce owners cargos mentioned in those points and since Over the past few decades, Air transport has been an evolution and revolution in the country’s aviation industry. Mahan Air Company has attempted to formulate an effective strategy in this context by examining and analyzing its Middle East position and World trade market and has a Suitable ground to expand the Communication and information systems and country’s economic growth by considering National and international laws and regulations in the aviation industry.

Export shipments has been authorized to enter the cargo terminal yard after checking them which by Presenting the Custom Sheet to the cargo protective department, senders can transport their cargos to reception salon in which at first, packages are weighted by the cargo reception department. After receiving the weighting sheet, a Customs evaluator investigated the cargo in customs rules context. In the absence of prohibition, it should be mentioned that some of these prohibitions are written in the Customs declaration form and some of goods need specific licenses to export. After packaging, the cargo is accepted by the reception department and a sheet is issued in this regards in which Information such as weight, destination, packages size and… are inserted. After issuing this sheet, the Customs Green token is issued by the customs department. The sender can refer to the cargo sales department and cargo agencies by possessing the reception copy and the Customs Green token. The cargo sales department issues the waybill by considering to inserted information in the reception copy and Customs Green token according to the related rules. In this step, the sender should investigate the issued waybill and sign it after assuring the inserted information adequacy. The waybill issuance indicates a contract between the sender and the carrier company and has responsibilities for the sender and commitments for the carrier company. By issuing the waybill, cargo tags are printed and sent to the sender according to packages number and receiver returns to the reception salon in which his/her packages are positioned by having his/her waybill receipt and tags and by referring to the cargo sales representative, he/she attaches the tags on the cargo. In the final inspection of the protective department, the cargos are checked and X-rayed in terms of security which in the absence of prohibited objects, the cargos are transported into the warehouse and become ready to send.

Dear clients can refer to this department to send and obtain information and contact this department by following communicating methods:

Address: Mahan cargo sales services office- next to custom region 2- Imam Khomeini airport
Tel: 55678215-021
Fax: 55678216-021
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